Many professionals were also concerned about cybersecurity threats

Generative AI technologies can automate time-consuming tasks for finance professionals, but can they be trusted to give the right answers?

To unlock the full value of generative AI, banks, insurers and capital markets firms will need to examine the fundamentals of their business.

AI could become a tech boondoggle if your criteria for success is only to keep pace with the competition.

As AI capabilities continue to evolve, its integration into banking operations holds the promise of revolutionizing traditional practices and fostering a more agile, customer-centric approach.

Oracle shares gained after the bell Monday as the company reported results that beat analysts' expectations and highlighted its position amid the artificial intelligence (AI) boom.

AI is the current buzzword on the mouth of every tech-minded person, from huge corporations to small entrepreneurs.

For financial advisors, these tools can assist in modeling various scenarios and conducting exhaustive analyses for their clients.

With careful consideration and strategic implementation, AI stands poised to revolutionise financial decision-making, driving improved outcomes and enhanced customer experiences in the years to come.

The survey found that while about 75% of respondents experimented with generative AI in 2023, only 9% said they had adopted the technology widely.