Companies must use explainable AI to avoid making unfair and biased decisions about consumers. Some use machine learning tools; others avoid personally identifying information.

The International Monetary Fund says fast-growing finechs pose challenges for both regulators and less technologically advanced banks, whose long-term viability may be under threat.

Climate-focused software startups were a hot area for early-stage investment last year. Now it appears companies are graduating rather quickly to larger rounds and much higher valuations.

This week, earnings season is set to ramp up, offering investors a fresh set of data on the strength of corporate profits in the face of elevated inflationary pressure.

We worry about our safety. We worry about our money. We worry about the safety of our money, and of our identity.

Mastercard has filed 15 NFT and metaverse trademark applications as part of a wide-ranging plan to extend its payment processing system, slogans and branding into the new virtual economy.

Crypto investors are bailing from these riskier assets as recession fears intensify.

AirCarbon Exchange (ACX) has been approved by Abu Dhabi Global Market to create the world’s first fully regulated carbon trading exchange and carbon clearing house.

We look at what is needed for artificial intelligence and machine learning, and the pros and cons of block, file and object storage to store and access very large amounts of often unstructured data.

Escaping the crypto buzz became a lot harder last year.