International securities regulator Iosco is setting up a task force to examine the risks and opportunities arising from decentralised finance (DeFI)

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Global markets are closely following high-profile meetings in Brussels on Thursday with a NATO summit, a meeting of EU leaders, and a Group of Seven summit taking place.

As excitement builds around the future of cryptocurrency, the metaverse and innovations like NFTs, investors can’t get enough of a technology behind much of the changes: Ethereum.

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If it feels like 2022 has been a little less exciting for the cryptocurrency space, your instinct may not be too far off.

There is not a single industry that has been left untouched by the transformative impact of artificial intelligence technology in the last decade — financial services is no exception.

Stock futures were mixed Monday morning to steady after last week's gains, while energy prices resumed a march higher.

Zuckerberg isn't the only one betting on the metaverse. Companies like Apple and Microsoft are investing in the next frontier of the internet as well. Experts say it will be transformative.

China has been ramping up efforts to roll out its central bank digital currency, and is currently far ahead in the space as compared with its global peers.